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Ferruccio Lamborghini

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born on April 28, 1916 in Renazzo, a village in the municipality of Cento, in the province of Ferrara. He was the eldest son of Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini, a family of farmers, and therefore his destiny seemed to be written, since tradition dictated that the eldest son should inherit the family farm. However, young Ferruccio was more attracted to mechanics than to the land, and from a very young age he preferred to spend his afternoons in the workshop on the farm.  

The incredible story of how Lamborghini was born

  • 1916 – 1938The origins

    Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Renazzo, in the province of Ferrara, on 28 April 1916. The first of five brothers, he grew up on the family farm where his father tried to pass on to him the bond with work in the fields and with the agricultural and peasant culture of the time. But Ferruccio is animated by a completely different passion, that for engines and machines.
    After finishing primary school he attended the 'Fratelli Taddia' professional training institute, which has always been a hotbed of entrepreneurs from Cento. With the determination and tenacity that distinguished him from a very young age, he managed to get hired in Bologna by Cavalier Righi, owner of the most important workshop in the city which at that time was contracted to overhaul Army vehicles.

  • 1939 - 1946Tractors for everyone

    After the war, Italy was plagued by scarcity; one of these shortages concerned tractors. Sensing an opportunity, Lamborghini purchased surplus military cars and reconfigured them as tractors. In 1948, Lamborghini Trattori was founded in Pieve di Cento using Ferruccio's zodiac, the bull, as the logo of the new company.
    It was a smart move that led to a thriving business for the young entrepreneur, quickly making him a very wealthy man. Between the 1950s and 1960s, Lamborghini Trattori became one of the most important agricultural machinery factories.

  • Pure Passion and Motors

    To fully understand the myth of Lamborghini cars, it is necessary to understand the territory in which they are produced. It is a piece of the Po Valley, in the shape of an ideal golden triangle with its three points in Sant'Agata, Modena and Maranello, where the most beautiful cars in the world are created. It's a question of blood, experience and sensitivity mixed with pure passion.
    Everything comes from warm blood, from this rich and fertile land, from the long roads that cross the cultivated fields. In the silence of the hot summer days these engines roar in the air like sirens and everyone turns to see what is going on. The DNA of these wonderful engines was designed on these long and straight roads, launched like arrows across the Emilian plain.

  • 1952 - 1968 Automobiles

    Questi anni di grande fermento e trasformazione danno a Ferruccio l’occasione per dare forma alla sua antica passione per le macchine: alla fine del 1962 convoca i collaboratori e annuncia l’intenzione di iniziare a costruire automobili. Come responsabile del progetto granturismo assume l’ing. Gian Paolo Dallara, giovane dotato di un’eccellente preparazione tecnica con cui si instaura una profonda sintonia professionale e personale; Anche in questo caso Ferruccio ha molto chiaro ciò che vuole: motore 12 cilindri a V, quattro alberi a camme in testa, due valvole per cilindro, sei carburatori e lubrificazione a carter secco.
    Lamborghini Auto si trasformò in breve tempo in una delle prime industrie italiane produttrici di granturismo. Il suo prodotto è eccellente, la qualità delle auto viene riconosciuta in modo unanime.

  • 1968 - 1993 ”La Fiorita”

    After the decision to separate from his companies, Ferruccio begins to look for an ideal space, far from the turmoil of the industrial world, to rediscover that connection with the land that has never abandoned him: he buys an agricultural estate on Lake Trasimeno (La Fiorita) and he moved there in 1968.
    He dedicated himself to the estate and transformed it into one of the most modern agricultural companies in Europe: he leveled the land, planted some of the best quality vines and built an absolutely innovative cellar for its time. Initially Ferruccio moved to Fiorita to relax and go hunting, but in reality his entrepreneurial acumen continues to be strong: He entered the world of wine with the first harvest obtained in 1975, producing the "Sangue di Miura" wine with oenological supervision by Giorgio Grai, one of the best winemakers of the time. Here Ferruccio lived the last years of his life; he died in 1993, surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

  • 1993 - 2015Patrizia Lamborghini

    In the mid-90s Patrizia Lamborghini, the daughter, succeeded in managing the company, continuing and even strengthening that ambition to produce quality wines that her father had in the past. Since then most of the vineyards have been replanted favoring Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grechetto.

  • Dal 2015Tenuta Lamborghini SRL

    Since 2015, the property has been sold to a Milanese company made up of members of the Tschang family, which is carrying forward the renovation and excellence project started by Ferruccio Lamborghini. The new vineyards cover a total area of ​​30 hectares but the future plans of the current ownership include the replanting of the entire vineyard surface.

    The extreme search for quality and the desire to highlight the characteristics of the territory have allowed the beginning of a dramatic improvement both in terms of the management of the vineyards and the conduct of winemaking under the supervision of Riccardo Cotarella for over 20 years. The result of these efforts has produced modern wines of the highest caliber.




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Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A

It was founded on May 7, 1963. The business was even better than Ferruccio’s expectations, Lamborghini became a strong name in the world of sports cars. In the late 1960s, Ferruccio employed around 4,500 people.